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Assisting our Sponsored Cases


Part of ILSCA’s Social Welfare programme is our Sponsorship programme where we assist approximately 70 needy families. We visit these families every other month.

After the General Meeting in January 2014, when each caregiver highlighted a sponsored case in their area it was requested that we keep the membership aware of the needs of our sponsored cases so that contributions towards any specific needs can be made. This would be in addition to the assistance that is given to the cases every other month by ILSCA.

I did indicate at that time that we would keep you informed via the website. Listed below are some of the needs identified  :

·         We have many cases with children going to school so with school reopening in August there is a need for assistance with school supplies and school uniforms

·         Bed linen and towels

·         Adult pampers (medium)


If you would like you can contribute in kind or in cash towards any of these needs. If you contribute cash, please indicate if you are contributing to any specific need. Caregivers would purchase the items where possible, when cash is donated, Insha Allah.

Please contact me for any clarification or to make arrangements for your contributions Insha Allah.

Jazaak Allaah

Shaleeza Khan-Ali


Phone :662-1442

Email :