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Would you like to help our sponsored families?            ILSCA’s Social Welfare Programme

ILSCA’s Social Welfare programme started in the early 1970’s just as the association began; its basis was the fulfilling of two of its objectives :


  • To render humanitarian service in Trinidad and Tobago and elsewhere

  • TO carry out family and child welfare programme

The objective of the Social Welfare Programme has always been to assist destitute and needy families throughout the country either through the sponsorship programme or with one-time assistance. The sponsorship programme is administered by caregivers who meet with their cases at least bi-monthly, counselling them in areas such as health/environment, education and finance, as is necessary. All ongoing cases are reviewed at the beginning of each year to determine those cases achieving self sufficiency so that they can be weaned off the Programme.


ILSCA has established a system of  administering the Programme whereby support to  the impoverished is provided by subdividing the country  into 10 areas from Glencoe in the north to Moruga in the south with  each area having designated person(s) responsible (Caregiver(s)). At present there are approximately70 recipient families, some 400 individuals, Muslims and non-Muslims in the Programme.

For each case on the programme a file is created and kept up to date by the caregiver(s). Proper recordings of the assistance rendered and updates / changes in the situation of the recipients and their families, e.g. health, educational, environmental, financial are kept.


Emergency and one-time relief assistance is available in response to requests made to ILSCA and as ILSCA has the facility to assist.  Over the past 40 years ILSCA has provided assistance in the areas of housing, education, medical treatment, surgery and those affected by  floods, fire and accidents.


Serving Allah by serving humanity.

"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong:  They are the ones to attain felicity." (Holy Quran 3:104)